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Research Teams in the Intelligent Systems Research Institute
This project aims to use Autoexpose algorithms and technologies developed inside ISRC labs, cameras, and collaborate with companies to precisely process materials.
Mental Health Monitoring
This project collects and analyzes digital phenotype and SNS data to develop a standard predictive/analytical deep learning model and monitoring platform for the mental health (depression, anxiety, and suicide risk) of college students
Edge Brain
This Team is working on the vision solution to cooperate the whole process. we are doing 6D pose estimation and detection, segmentation. Also we doing research of data augmentation for life long incremtental learning.
Our goal is to find the prob location and tracking it using deep learning techinology with liver feature
Our goal is to robot deliver the parcel to specific location whatever the parcel shape is
Our goal is to estimate the vitalsign without using contact medical devices
Sensory Transfer
Our team's goal is researching Deep learning technologies that transfer visual sensing abilities to sound sensing abilities for blind people
Robocarechair: A Smart Transformable Robot for Multi-Functional Assistive Personal Care
PHM(Prognostics and Health Management)
Goal of our team is to develop vehicle's health management system based on Machine Learning and IoT(Internet of Things).
Cognitive Consumer Robotics (HomeMate)
3D Camera
3D range sensing has been a momentous issue in computer vision, robotics as well as industry due to its potential applications like 3D object recognition, robotic manipulation and reverse engineering, etc. Structured light is an active stereo vision syste
Medical Robotics
Space Robotics
Interaction/ Visual Attention
Our team has researched the the goal-driven perceptual attention and cognitive robotics engine for for facilitating the Human-like natural interaction of robot with human.
Sensor Fusion and SLAM
Due to highly nonlinearity of vision system, a particle filter is necessary for cognitive vision estimation. It provides an estimation of the pose of the object in the scene in real-time, while improving the success rate of cognitive vision recognition. T
Categorization and Self Modeling
3D Sensing
In order to acquire accurate and robust 3D range data, our team has researched 3D camera.
Cognitive Robotic Engine
Cognitive Robotic Engine (CRE) is a robotic system architecture which aims for dependable perception and integration by combination of imperfect perceptual processes and/or proactive actions. This group aims at establishing a formalism of system architect
Visual Servoing
Our team has researched visual servoing for applying it to real environment.
3D Modeling Manufacturing Automation
The aims of this research team is to make Object and Environment self modeling system for robot using various sensors.
3D Recognition
We are developing a 3D recognition and modeling system having the dependability and real-time capability against large environmental variations. And we are studying FER-CNN and an image translation based on deep learning for a recognition system.

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